18 "Floor Fan




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Cool with The 18 "SF18 desktop fan will blow you away. With a simple design. Easy to use. Suitable for home use. Comes with an adjustable keypad that you are familiar with. Fan made of good quality materials. Strong Resists heavy use in hot weather. Ready to cool with you at any time.


Shocked to the satisfaction.
SF18 18-inch table fan table fan 18 watt power 80 watts propeller durable. It can be adjusted to a lot, whether it is adjustable, bend and adjust the level of wind 3 levels and shifts up to 180 degrees, so you can use it comfortably.

Safe to use.
The 18 "SF18 desktop fan comes with a classic look. Suitable for all room styles. And make sure you always use the thermo fuse system. To cut off the heat when overheating. Make your peace of mind every time you use it.

Quality assurance
Has passed the quality and safety certification. From the Office of Industrial Standards and certified the highest power saving No. 5  generations.

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