Sukiyaki - Barbecue 12 "



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Sukiyaki BBQ, 3 Washbasins for Sukiyaki - BBQ at the same time A pan with A-FLON food not frying pan. Easy to clean There is a left and right channel separator. Can be separated as you like. With excess oil separator. Barbecue without worrying about the oil. Meat will flow with broth. There are two heating buttons to separate the boiler and frying pan can be adjusted to 3 levels as desired. Saki pot can be removed easily wash.

Technical information

12-inch pan
Pan coated with A-FLON
TIS 1509-2547
Adjustable heating temperature up to 3 levels.
Warranty: 3 years heating plate, 1 year parts
Power: 1,300 watt, 220 volts, 50 Hz
Total weight of packaging is 3.2 kg.
Packaging dimensions (W x D x H) 33x33x22 cm


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